I and my wife had been married for seven good years. We have seen and been through best and worst times in our marriage. My wife has suffered from miscarriage thrice. She was pregnant again and doctors have prescribed her bed rest for at least first three months. Therefore, she could not handle the house jobs and I wanted to help her too. Plus, food had never caused trouble for us all these years but now it was. In order to save her from getting into the hustle of cooking healthy food, I ordered weekly meal box of seven recipes from Marley Spoon. I thought about using a Marley Spoon voucher code and after searching for a Marley Spoon Coupon for a while, I found one at the given link.

So it was last summer when our family doctor broke the news on us. We were extremely happy and excited for the new addition to our family. This time we had to be much more careful than before because we had gone through three major abortions previously. The gynecologist strictly told my wife to go completely bed ridden for first three months.

She is a housewife. She has been fulfilling all her responsibilities in our entire marriage. But this time she couldn’t make it up to the mark. She used to be very organized and never compromises on anything when it comes to her home. She was much tensed about who was going to take care of her house. More than that, she was concerned about the diet and her budget for which she used free coupons .

Healthy diet would obviously grow the baby healthy and without complications. However, she could not eat unhealthy food from restaurants on daily basis. Also, my cooking skills had never reached to the point of satisfactory for my wife because she is a great cook.

One of my colleagues had told me about Marley Spoon; an online meal box delivery which contains fresh grocery of your selected recipes. They also provide you the step by step instructions so that you can cook delicious food in less time with more ease. Thankfully she also told me about Marley Spoon voucher code available at Marleyspoonfoodtours.review which was very useful for me – actually I saved $35 which was big deal for me.

I ordered seven meals for seven days of the week. The food did not deteriorate as I refrigerated it soon after its arrival. Marley spoon made the cooking easy and provided us healthy food with its unique idea of getting raw and fresh food and uncomplicated recipes for cooking.

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