Silkier Than Ever With Pelo Baum Hair Products

Today I am going to talk about some awkward and weird moments and what its like to be a victim of damaged hair. Specifically, today’s topic will be hair and how to make your hair healthier by using Pelo Baum Hair Products.

Living in Korea was difficult because a lot of Koreans do not have concept of other types of hair. In Korea you will observe a little variation in color. They have very healthy and think brown hair. As a foreigner, I had to face so many difficulties regarding my hair as the hair stylists there are not familiar with other types and textures of hair and they consider them weak. So mine becomes very interesting to them.

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For example, the most common compliment that I get when I go to place, and when people touch my hair, they all specifically say my hair is exactly like doll. A lot of people do not understand the color change my hair has gone through. They would never understand about sun bleach. Yes my hair literally changes color when they are exposed to extreme sunshine.

I have never applied straighter on hair, never gone through any chemical or heat treatment. I tried to keep them as organic as possible. But still compared to Korean people my hair was not as healthy and thick as theirs. I still remember, I went to a hair stylist once and he thought that’s because of using hair colors and hair dyes. After a long argument between me and him, he finally agreed on that fact that I have never been into excessive heating on my hair. I also had a problem of hair fall which is why I wanted to have a haircut. However, when I came back to my country, my hair stylist suggested me of Pelo Baum Hair Products; a unique combo of shampoo, conditioner and hair solution. They are composed of Hyaluronic Acid; primarily found in human skin. It hydrates the skin and causes elasticity.

It usually takes maximum one month usage in order to see change in hair health but in my case, it took two months to finally observe some noticeable change in my hair growth. Within two months, my hair got longer and healthier.

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